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John Kolasky

John Kolasky
John Kolasky (1915–97) was born in Cobalt, Ontario. He received a B.A. (Hon.) from the University of Saskatchewan, an M.A. in History from the University of Toronto, and a B. Ped. from the University of Manitoba. He also attended the Higher Party School of the Central Committee in Kyiv. His research and activities in Ukraine led to his arrest and expulsion from the USSR in 1965. Kolasky wrote, compiled, translated or edited eight books including Education in Soviet Ukraine: A Study in Discrimination and Russification (1968), Two Years in Soviet Ukraine (1970), and The Shattered Illusion(1979). In 1990, he established the Ukraine Exchange Endowment Fund at the CIUS. Money from this fund finances research visits of professionals and academics from Ukraine in Canada. Most recently, Kolasky's efforts were focused on supporting Ukraine's fledgling Republican Party, specifically on funding the purchase of desktop publishing equipment for the party's regional centers in Ukraine. Kolasky had spent months at a time in Ukraine in the past several years in his efforts to aid the Ukrainian Republican Party, and decided to spend his remaining days there working on its behalf. He had been living most recently with the Lukianenko family in the village of Khotiv near Kyiv. Levko Lukianenko is well-known as a former dissident, first leader of the Ukrainian Republican Party, and Ukraine's first ambassador to Canada (1992–4).

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