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About The Book

Vasyl Kuchabsky's Western Ukraine in Conflict with Poland and Bolshevism, 1918–1923 is devoted to one of the most complex periods of twentieth-century history, when the defeat of the Central Powers in the First World War and the collapse of the Russian Empire made it possible for the "non-historical nations" of Central and Eastern Europe to undertake the creation of independent states.

Kuchabsky, whom the renowned specialist on modern Ukraine Ivan Lysiak-Rudnytsky considered "the most interesting historian of the Ukrainian revolution," wrote the most comprehensive account of the political, military, and diplomatic aspects of the Western Ukrainian struggle for independence. The central issues in his study are Ukrainian-Polish relations and the Ukrainian-Polish War of 1918–19. Kuchabsky also examines state-building in the Western Ukrainian People's Republic (ZUNR) and, to some extent, in the Ukrainian People's Republic (UNR), as well as relations between the two republics, within the broader context of European politics, the Paris Peace Conference, the interests of the Allied powers, and the Russian attitude toward Ukrainian independence.

See Vasyl Kuchabsky, Western Ukrainian National Republic, Ukrainian-Polish War in Galicia, 1918-19, Ukrainian Galician Army, and other related articles in the Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

About The Author

Vasyl Kuchabsky

Vasyl Kuchabsky

A participant in the events he described, Kuchabsky (1895–1971) served as an officer in Ukrainian Sich Riflemen units during the struggle for Ukrainian independence. Having emigrated to Germany in 1922, he obtained a doctorate in history and Slavic philology from the University of Berlin in 1930. During the interwar period he commented …


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