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Volume 1 of the three-volume edition of the collected works of Father Mykhailo Zubrytsky (1856-1919), the historian and ethnographer of the Boiko region in Western Ukraine, is a 609-page book containing Zubrytsky's scholarly works. The volume contains an introduction "Father Mykhailo Zubryts'kyi: The Nestor of the Ukrainian Village," both in English and Ukrainian, by the volume editor Frank E. Sysyn, 40 of Zubrytsky's scholarly works on the history of Galicia and ethnography of the Boiko region, as well as maps of the Boiko region, a photo of Zubryts'kyi as a young clergyman, and name and place indices.

The edition of Mykhailo Zubrytsky's collected works is co-published by the Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Modern Ukrainian History and Society of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, the Institute of Historical Research of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, the Institute of Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the Shevchenko Scientific Society of Ukraine and of Canada. It was published by the Litopys Publishers in Lviv.

Read an article on Mykhailo Zubrytsky in the Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

About The Author

Mykhailo Zubrytsky

Mykhailo Zubrytsky

Mykhailo Zubrytsky (1856-1919) was a historian, ethnographer, and Greek Catholic priest (from 1883); member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society from 1904. He researched the history of Galicia in the 19th century and the ethnology of the Boiko region.

Contributing Authors


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