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About The Book

Ukraine's attainment of political independence since 1991 has focused world attention on relations between Ukraine and Russia, the two most powerful successor states to the USSR. This collection of essays by eminent specialists provides a reliable and detailed guide to the subject, examining the historical, political, cultural, religious, economic, and demographic aspects of Ukrainian-Russian relations.

Table of Contents

  • Omeljan Pritsak, The Problem of a Ukrainian-Russian Dialogue
  • Jaroslaw Pelenski, The Contest for the "Kievan Inheritance"
  • Edward L. Keenan, Muscovite Perceptions of Other East Slavs before 1654
  • Hans-Joachim Torke, Political Relations between Musovey and Ukraine in the Seventeenth Century
  • Marc Raeff, Ukraine and Imperial Russia: Intellectual and Political Encounters from the Seventeenth Century to the Nineteenth Century
  • Edgar Hosch, Peter I and Ukraine
  • Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak, Ukrainian and Russian Women: Co-operation and Conflict
  • John A. Armstrong, Myth and History in the Evolution of Ukrainian Consciousness
  • John S. Reshetar Jr., Ukrainian and Russian Perceptions of the Ukrainian Revolution
  • Yaroslav Bilinsky, Political Relations Between Russians and Ukrainians in the USSR: the 1970s and Beyond
  • James Cracraft, The Mask of Culture: Baroque Art in Russia and Ukraine, 1600-1750
  • George G. Grabowicz, Ukrainian-Russian Literary Relations in the Nineteenth Century: A Formulation of the Problem
  • Bohdan R. Bociurkiw, The Issues of Ukrainianization and Autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukrainian-Russian Relations, 1917-1921
  • Ralph S. Clem, Demographic Change among Russians and Ukrainians in the Soviet Union
  • Peter Woroby, Socio-Economic Changes in the USSR and Their Impact on Ukrainians and Russians
  • Nicholas V. Riasanovsky, Conclusion
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, To the Conference on Russian-Ukrainian Relations in Toronto  
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Open Letter to the Conference on Russian-Ukrainian Relations and to the Conference of Peoples Enslaved by Communism
  • Jaroslaw Pelenski, Commentary on Aleksandr Solzhenitskyn's "Open Letter to the Conference on Russian-Ukrainian Relations".

This is one of the volumes on Ukraine and its neighbours published by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press. Other volumes deal with Jewish-Ukrainian relations (Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in Historical Perspective), Polish-Ukrainian relations (Poland and Ukraine: Past and Present), German-Ukrainian relations (German-Ukrainian Relations in Historical Perspective), and another book on Russian-Ukrainian relations (Culture, Nation and Identity: The Ukrainian-Russian Encounter [1600–1945]).

About The Authors

Jaroslaw Pelenski

Jaroslaw Pelenski

Jaroslaw Pelenski is professor emeritus, Columbia University. He is the author of The Contest for the Legacy of Kievan Rus', Studies in Ukrainian History, The American and European Revolutions, 1776-1848: Sociopolitical and Ideological Ramifications and contributed to several other publications.

Peter J. Potichnyj

Peter J. Potichnyj

Peter J. Potichnyj completed his higher education with a B.A. from Temple University and an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. He taught political science at Uppsala College, Sir Wilfred Laurier University, the Ukrainian Free University, and McMaster University, where he is professor emeritus. He served as dean of law and social science …

Marc Raeff

Marc Raeff

Marc Raeff is professor emeritus, Columbia University.He is the author of Origins of the Russian Intelligentsia the Eighteenth-Century Nobility,

Gleb N. Zekulin

Gleb Zekulin was professor emeritus, University of Toronto. Zekulin was a specialist in Russian and Czech language and literature.


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