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About This Issue

This special issue brings together the papers presented at the second Ukrainian Studies Association of Australia Conference held at Monash University, 12-13 May 1995. The subject matter of eleven of sixteen papers reflects the predominantly literary and linguistic focus of Ukrainian studies in Australia. The remaining five papers were contributed by scholars from Ukraine and the United Kingdom. The collection also contains the edited record of a round table on Polish-Ukrainian relations that was held as one of the sessions of the conference.

In This Issue

Author Page Title
Marko Pavlyshyn and J.E.M. Clarke 1 Preface
Iaroslav Isaievych 5 Ukraine and Russia: The Burden of Historical Tradition and Conteporary Realities
Serhy Yekelchyk 15 Creating a Sacred Place: The Ukrainophiles and Shevchenko's Tomb in Kaniv (1861-ca. 1900)
Anna Berehulak 33 Gogolian Myth and the Colonial Ethos
Tamara Hundorova 43 Stanislav Pshybyshevsky and Volodymyr Vynnychenko: Modern Eroticism
Peter Sawczak 53 The Novelization of the Pamphlet: Aestetic Compromise as Argument in Mykoloa Khvylovy's Woodcocks
Halyna Koscharsky 61 Masked Feminism in Ukrainian Literature
Marko Pavlyshyn 69 From Osadchy to the
Slobodanka M. Vladiv-Glover 79 Yuri Andrukhovych's Recreations and Ukrainian Postmodernism
Roksana Kharchuk 87 Vnutrishnia tsenzura-sfalshovanyi talant (sposterezhennia nad romanom Yuria Andruchovycha
Sonia Mycak 97 Imagining the Imaginary: Nostalgia and the Ukrainian-Australian Text
J.E.M. Clark 111 Towards a Systematic Account of Nominal Word-Formation through Suffixation in Ukrainian
Olesia Rosalian 123 Prefixation in the Ukrainian Verbal System
Michael L. Lawriwsky 139 Ukrainian
Oxana Prisiajniouk 161 The State of Civil Society in Independent Ukraine
Marko Bojcun 177 Leonid Kuchma's Presidency in Its First Year
Jan Pakulski 195 Poland and Ukraine: Elite Transformation and Prospects for Democracy
Contributors 219
Books Received 221

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