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About This Issue

This issue features an essay on the tragedy of Canada's white ethnics, a piece on feminism in Ukrainian history, Alexander Herzen's analysis of Poland and Ukraine and an examination of his theories, a piece on Lev Iurkevych, and an essay on the Russian Social Democrats and the national question.

In This Issue

Author Page Title
Manoly R. Lupul 3 The Tragedy of Canada's White Ethnics: A Constitutional Post-Mortem
Martha Bothachevsky-Chomiak 16 Feminism in Ukrainian History
Thomas M. Prymak 31 Herzen on Poland and Ukraine
Alexander Herzen 41 Russia and Poland
Myroslav Yurkevych 50 A Forerunner of National Communism: Lev Iurkevych (1855-1918)
L. Rybalka [Lev Iurkevych] 57 The Russian Social Democrats and the National Question
Lubomyr Luciuk and Zenowij Zwarycz 79 The G.R.B. Panchuk Collection
J. Marko Bojcun 82 The McMaster Conference on
Victor Swoboda 84 Sylvestr Iarychevsky, Tvory
Borys Shneider 90 Nad druhym tomom Khvyl'ovoho (Sproba lirychnoi retsenzii): Mykola Khvylovy: Tvory v p'iatokh tomakh, t. 2
Orest Subtelny 95 Walter McKenzie Pintner and Don Karl Rowney, eds., Russian Officialdom
J.V. Koshiw 96 Christian Rakovsky: Selected Writings on Opposition in the USSR 1923-30
Roman Solchanyk 100 Mythology and Soviet Nationalities Policy: Kennith C. Farmer, Ukrainian Nationalism in the Post-Stalin Era
Mykola Mushynka 104 Ivan Vanat, Narysy novitn'oi istorii ukraintsiv Skhidnoi Slovachynny. Kn.I (1918-1938)
Ihor Stebelsky 108 Atanas M. Milianych et al, eds., Ukrainski poselennia: Dovidnyk
J. Petryshyn 112 Lubomyr Y. Luciuk, Ukrainians in the Making: Their Kingston Story
Thomas M. Prymak 114 I. Sevcenko and F. Sysyn, eds. Eucharisterion: Essays Presented to Omeljan Pritsak on His Sixtieth Birthday
Danylo Husar Struk 118 Pavlo Romaniuk, Neporochnist' movchannia
Myroslav Yurkevych 120 Lubomyr Wynar, Yevhen Onatsky
Letter 121
Books Received 124

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