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About This Issue

This issue features an analysis of the influence of populists on Ukrainian grammar, an essay on Ukrainian orthography, a piece on William Kurelek, an essay on Kharkiv University, and a reflection on ethnicity and writers in Canada.

In This Issue

Author Page Title
Bohdan Strumins'kyj 3 The Influence of Populists on Ukrainian Grammar: The Plight of Active-Present Adjectival Participles in Ukrainian
Andrij Hornjiatkevych 15 Ukraiins'kii pravopys': 1928 vs. 1960
Ramsay Cook 33 William Kurelek: A Prairie Boy's Visions
Valentyna Fedorenko 49 Life at Kharkiv University Today
H. Hryhoriak 56
Ihor Pomerantsev 63 Zamist' retsenziii
Lubomyr Y. Luciuk 74 The Public Record Office: An Important Source for Archival Materials on Ukraine
Orest Subtelny 81 V.K. Prokopovych. Vichne piddanstvo
George S.N. Luckyj 82 Stefan Kozak. U zrodek romantyzmu i mowozytnij mysli spolecznej na Ukrainie
Ivan Jaworsky 83 Hélène Carrere d'Encausse. L'Empire Eclaté: La Ré volte des Nations en URSS / Decline of an Empire: The Soviet Socialist Republics in Revolt
Myroslav Yurkevich 85 Izrail (Israel) Kleiner. Natsionalni problemy ostannoi imperii
Orest Matynowych 87 Donald Avery.
Andrij Makuch 91 John Kolasky. The Shattered Illusion: The History of Ukrainian Pro-Communist Orgatizations in Canada
Lubomyr Szuch 95 Ukrainskyi pravozakhysni rukh: Dokumenty i materiialy Kyivskoi Ukrainskoi Hromadskoi Hrupy Spryiannia Vykonanniu Helsinkskykh Uhod
Iaroslav Kharchun 98 Studia Ucrainica, volume 1
W. Roman Petryshyn 102 Iu. Semenko, ed. Pam'iati V. A. Dolenka
Letter 106
Books Received 107

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