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About This Issue

This issue features an existential reading of Valeriian Pidmohylny's 'Misto,' a compilation of Nick Bazhan's poetry, a piece on Ukrainian socialism in Halychyna, a critique of technocratic totalitarianism, and a piece on the Soviet Union through the eyes of the New York Times.

In This Issue

Author Page Title
Maxim Tarnawsky 3
Mykola Bazhan 20 Six Unknown Poems, compiled and introduced by Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj
John-Paul Himka 33 Ukraiins'kii sotsiializm u Halychyni. (Do rozkolu v Radykal'nii Partii 1899 r.)
Vasyl Lisovy 52 A Critique of Technocratic Totalitarianism, introduced and translated by M.K. Petryshyn
Alexander Motyl 69 The Soviet Union through the Eyes of the New York Times
Steven L. Guthier 83 Taras Hunczak, ed. The Ukraine, 1917–1921: A Study in Revolution
Michael Malet 85 Dietrich Neufeld. A Russian Dance of Death: Revolution and Civil War in the Ukraine and Michael Palij. The Anarchism of Nestor Makhno, 1918-1921: An Aspect of the Ukrainian Revolution
James E. Mace 90 Frantisek Silnicky. Natsionalnaia politika KPSS v period s 1917 po 1922 and Iwan Majstrenko. Natsionalnaia politika KPSS v ee istoricheskom razvitii
Myroslav Shkandrij 94 Oleksander Semenenko, Kharkiv, Kharkiv....
Roman Zurba 98 Dokiia Humenna. Mynule plyve v pryideshnie: rozpovid pro Trypillia
Romana Bahrij Pikulyk 101 Eugene W. Fedorenko and Pawlo Malar, eds. Khrsestomatiia z ukrainskoi literatury xx storichchia
Nadia O. Diakun 105 Ivan Franko. Fox Mykyta. Trans. Bohdan Melnyk
Ostap Tarnawsky 107 Perechytuiuchy knyzhku perekladiv ukraiins'kykh poezii Stenli Kunitsa
Letters 113
Books Received 116

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