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This issue features an essay on the first All-Ukrainian Congress of Soviets and its antecedents, an essay on the first Congress of Peasants, a piece on the Kuban Cossacks in 1917, an analysis of the revolution's influence on Ukrainians in Canada, the reflections of a linguist on Ukrainian history, and an essay on the paradoxes and tasks of Ukrainian bibliography.

In This Issue

Author Page Title
Thomas M. Prymak 3 The First All-Ukrainian Congress of Soviets and Its Antecedents
Borys Martos 20 Pershiy Vseukraiins'kyi Selians'kyi Z'iizd
Olga Andriewsky 29 The Triumph of Particularism: The Kuban Cossacks in 1917
Nestor Makuch 42 The Influence of the Ukrainian Revolution on Ukrainians in Canada, 1917-22
George Y. Shevelov 62 Reflections of a Linguist on Ukrainian History
Edward Kasinec 71 Some Paradoxes of Ukrainian Bibliography and Its Critical Tasks
Jurij Dobczansky 77 Oles Berdnyk: A Bibliographical Overview
Nadia Kazymyra 84 Primary Sources to Immigration and Settlement at the Public Archives of Canada, Part Three: The Department of Finance
M.H. and M.C. 90 From Knapsack to Computer
M.C. 104 Ivan Drach, Orchard Lamps
George Liber 108 Ihor Kamenetsky, ed. Nationalism and Human Rights: Processes of Modernization in the USSR
Nadia Odette Diakun 111 Mykola Khvylovy. Tvory v p'iatokh tomakh. Volume One
Christine D. Worobec 113 Paul Robert Magocsi. The Shaping of a National Identity: Subcarpathian Rus', 1848-1948
Letters 120
Books Received 133

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