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About This Issue

This issue features a piece on Vynnychenko's mission to Moscow and Kharkiv, a chapter from the History of the Ukrainian Diaspora, a study of the Ukrainian language between Old Bulgarian, Polish and Russian, an essay on the Ukrainian language versus the Ukrainian language of emigrés, a study of the coming of age of Ukrainian Studies, as well as a report on Ukrainian language textbooks at the University level.

In This Issue

Author Page Title
Melanie Czajkowsky 3 Volodymyr Vynnychenko and His Mission to Moscow and Kharkiv
Yury Boshyk 25 A Chapter from the History of the Ukrainian Diaspora: M. Drahomanov's Hromada, the Ukrainian Printing House in Geneva, and A.M. (Kuzma) Liakhotsky
Bohdan Strumins'kyj 40 Ukrainian between Old Bulgarian, Polish, and Russian
Yaroslav Kharchun 57 Ukraiins'ka mova, chy mova ukraiins'koji emihratsiji
Peter L. Rudnytsky 62 Icarus and Promethus: The Coming of Age of Ukrainian Studies
Jaroslaw Rozumnyj 68 A Report on Ukrainian Language Textbooks at the University Level
Doug White 83 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Nadia Kazymyra 88 The Office of the General Registrar
Myroslav Yurkevich 92 Alexander Sydorenko, The Kievan Academy in the Seventeenth Century
Konstantin Huytan 95 Arnol'd Davidovich, Margolin, Ukraine and Policy of the Entente
James E. Mace 99 Hryhorii Kostiuk, Okaianni roky: Vid Lukianivskoi tiurmy do Vorkutskoi trahedii (1935-1940 rr.)

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