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The CIUS Research Report No. 65, Ukrainian Literature in English, 1966-1979: An Annotated Bibliography (527 pp.), compiled and edited by Marta Tarnawsky, is the fourth CIUS Press publication of Ms. Tarnawsky's major continuing bibliographic project which attempts, for the first time, a comprehensive coverage of translations from and materials about Ukrainian literature published in English from the earliest known publications to the present. The focus of the Ukrainian Literature in English project is on modern Ukrainian literature, i.e., literature written originally in the Ukrainian language and published since 1798. The detailed annotated bibliographies produced by Ms. Tarnawsky cover the following types of English-language materials: (a) books and pamphlets, both translations and literary studies; (b) articles in journals, encyclopedias, symposia, and other collections; (c) translations of prose, poetry, and drama in journals and anthologies; and (d) book reviews in journals and collections. Extensive general indexes make these bibliographies easy to use and reader-friendly. 

The three earlier annotated bibliographies published by the CIUS Press include: Ukrainian Literature in English: Books and Pamphlets, 1890-1965 (RR No. 19, 1988), Ukrainian Literature in English: Articles in Journals and Collections, 1840-1965 (RR No. 51, 1992), and Ukrainian Literature in English: 1980-1989 An Annotated Bibliography (RR No. 62, 1999). 

The English-language sources listed and discussed in the present publication, Ukrainian Literature in English, 1966-1979, reflect the complex political climate of that period. On the one hand, they include a large number of Soviet publications testifying to the Communist regime's attempts to control literature and use it for propaganda purposes. On the other hand, numerous materials published in the West reflect a reaction to these pressures and persecutions of writers in the USSR. As a detailed and all-inclusive annotated bibliography of the English-language sources dedicated to Ukrainian literature, the current research report, together with the three earlier volumes, represents an invaluable information resource and guide for scholars, students, and English-language readers interested in Ukrainian literary culture.

About The Author

Marta Tarnawsky

Marta Tarnawsky

Marta Tarnawsky is a retired Associate Director for Foreign and International Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School Library. Known also as Marta Tarnavska, she is the author of several books of poetry, prose, essays and bibliographic studies.

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