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Reproduction Permission for CIUS Press Publications

To request permission to reprint materials from our publications, including our Research Reports and the Journal of Ukrainian Studies, for academic or classroom reading bundles, presentations, etc., please submit your request in writing to:
  • CIUS Press
  • 256 McCaul Street, Rm. 308
  • University of Toronto
  • Toronto, ON
  • Canada M5T 1W5

E-mail requests are not accepted.Please make sure your request includes:

  1. Information about the material you wish to use:
    1. author and / or editor
    2. complete title & ISBN
    3. year of publication
    4. page numbers and, if applicable, figure or illustration numbers
  2. Information about your project, class, etc.:
    1. purpose of reprinted material, e.g., reading material, course bundle, etc.
    2. date to be printed / published / distributed
    3. price & number of copies
    4. distribution, e.g., Canada only, USA only, world
    5. format, e.g., cerlox binding, stapled photocopies

In general, we respond favourably to requests, but it is important for us to be aware of which publication material is being used and to remind people of the importance of respecting copyrights.

Finally, please be sure the material you are requesting is, in fact, from a CIUS Press publication!

Thank you for your interest in CIUS Press.

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